3-Weeks Away | Coming Updates

With only 3 weeks away from the start of Arctic Thunder Open House, we are laser focused on finalizing the remaining event information and getting that information into your hands. In the coming days, the even map will be incrementally updated, the schedule will be expanded to give you more information about performances and events, and more.

Behind the scenes, the event staff are fast completing any final details and coordinating their small army of volunteers who provide everything from traffic control to information services. Airfield managers are locking in flight schedules and parking plans. Civil Engineers are preparing to mark booth locations, staging traffic barriers, and double checking all ground support services for visitors, booths, and more. Maintenance and Logistics units are preparing to support their arriving counterparts, their specific airframe and material needs. Anchorage area and Joint Base Elmendorf-Richardson First Responders are working closely hand in hand. Performers are preparing their aircraft and flight plans for the long flight to Alaska. By no means a comprehensive view of all contributions going into making Artic Thunder Open House 2022 an amazing event.

We look forward to hosting you, our valued community partners, who contribute so much to our ability to engage globally and protect locally.