When is Arctic Thunder Open House?
Arctic Thunder is scheduled for July 20 and 21, 2024.

Do I need a military ID to attend the event?
No, this event is free and open to the public.

Will there be handicap access and parking available on base?
Yes. We are finalizing the parking plan and will post updated information as it becomes available.

What type of medical services will be available?
First aid will be provided to address dehydration, treatment for minor cuts and bruises, and the application of emergency medications (ex. Epi-pens). Medical personnel will stabilize patients and coordinate transportation to a higher level of care for all other injuries/illnesses.

Will restroom facilities be easily accessible?
Yes, portable restrooms will be located all over the flight line.

Will it be neccessary to have hearing protection?
Due to the nature of the event, it is highly encouraged you bring hearing protection – especially for children. There will be a number of aircraft taking off, landing and performing, which will be extremely loud.

Is tailgating allowed?
No, tailgating is not allowed.

What happens if it rains?
In the event of rain, some flying demonstrations may be delayed; however, unless the weather poses a serious threat to the safety of the visitors and participants, the show will proceed as scheduled with some modifications.

Who is scheduled to perform?
At this time, the U.S. Air Force Thunderbirds and the U.S. Army Golden Knights are confirmed as the headliners for both days.

The F-22 Demonstration Team, the PACAF C-17 Demonstration Team, and others will also perform, as well as the Joint Forces Demonstration from JBER.

There will be a variety of other civilian and military aerial demonstrations.

Which days will the U.S. Air Force Thunderbirds be performing?
The Thunderbirds will perform demonstrations Saturday and Sunday, weather permitting.

Can I bring my camera, video camera, or mobile (cell) phone?
There will be several aerial performances, so a small camera and/or video camera wouldn't be a bad idea. While there are no restrictions on taking photos or videotaping the show, large camera bags are not permitted. Leave unnecessary camera accessories at home or put them in a small bag.

Can I take photographs or get autographs?
Yes, many of the performers make themselves available for photographs and autographs during the air show.

I have small childeren. Can I bring a stroller, diaper bag, or change of clothes?
For those with babies and young children, strollers, small diaper bags with snacks and baby bottles, and over-the-ear protection are encouraged. Keep in mind all strollers and bags will be searched before entering the flight line gates.

How will I know if the open house has been cancelled or delayed?
In the event of an open house cancellation, announcements will be coordinated with local news agencies, pushed through the JBER Facebook Page as well as the JBER Connect app.

What vehicles are allowed?
Personal vehicles are allowed entry through general public access gates. Motor homes and RVs are not permitted.

How do I get there?

  • Gate # 1 - Boniface Parkway
  • Gate # 2 - Fort Richardson via D Street Exit

For those arriving from north of Joint Base Elmendorf-Richardson (Eagle River or the Valley), please enter through the Fort Richardson Gate via D Street Exit.

For those arriving from Anchorage or south of Joint Base Elmendorf-Richardson, please enter through the Boniface Gate via Boniface Parkway.

You will be directed to FREE general parking after entry.

From 9 a.m. to noon, the Boniface Gate will have three lanes inbound and one lane outbound.

After 2 p.m., no open house traffic will be allowed through Boniface Gate or Richardson Gate.

*Individuals with children are requested to pick up arm bands at Entry Control Points or in Hangar 2.
*Handicap parking is available for vehicles with the proper identification and markings.