The following hand carried items are permitted:
· Personal carts or wheelchairs for physically
challenged visitors
· Diaper bags for guests with small children
· Small purses
· Strollers for small children
· Official service dogs (credentials may be requested)
· Photo or video cameras; small enough to carry by hand
· Binoculars
· Folding chairs and lawn chairs

The following items are highly recommended:
· Water (*See note below)
· Sunscreen
· Hearing protection
· Sunglasses
· Sunhats/baseball caps

*Access to free water is limited. Water & beverages for purchase will be available.
*Service animals assisting physically challenged guests will be authorized.
*Motorcycles & bicycles ridden on base outside of viewing areas must wear a helmet


The following items are prohibited:
· Bags with dimensions exceeding 20"x10"x10"
· RVs (Recreational Vehicles)
· Coolers
· Alcohol
· Backpacks
· Duffle bags
· Large purses
· Camelbacks
· Paint
· Balloons
· Large camera bags
· Illegal drugs including marijuana
· Weapons (brass knuckles, mace, pepper spray, box cutters, firearms, knives)
· Military uniforms worn by non-military members
· Gang affiliated colors or clothing
· Bicycles (inside the open house viewing area)
· Scooters
· Skates
· Skateboards
· Go-carts
· Wagons
· Umbrellas

*All pets are prohibited from the Arctic Thunder grounds. At no time will pets be left unattended outside the area or in vehicles.
*Service animals assisting physically challenged guests will be authorized.


Arctic Thunder General Public Entry

  • Gate # 1 - Boniface Parkway
  • Gate # 2 - Fort Richardson via D Street Exit

For those arriving from North of Joint Base Elmendorf-Richardson (Eagle River or the Valley), please enter through the Fort Richardson Gate via D Street Exit.  For those arriving from Anchorage or South of Joint Base Elmendorf-Richardson, please enter through the Boniface Gate via Boniface Parkway.

You will be directed to FREE general parking after entry.

From 7:30 a.m. to noon, the Boniface Gate will have three lanes inbound and one lane outbound.

After 2 p.m., no open house traffic will be allowed through Boniface Gate or Richardson Gate.

*Individuals with children are requested to pick up arm bands at Entry Control Points or in Hangar 2.

*Handicap parking is available for vehicles with the proper identification and markings.

For additional information about premium seating and corporate tents please click below for more information.