2 Days To Go – Arctic Thunder Open House 2018 Introduces Its Air Boss and Announcer

Have you ever wondered what goes into making an open house as big as Arctic Thunder happen?  In addition to the dedicated team of military and civilians from Joint Base Elmendorf-Richardson, it takes two very special positions to make sure the performances during the open house, occur without a hitch.  We are pleased to have two long time aviation aficionados who combined have nearly 70 years of air show performance experience.

First one deck we have our Air Boss, Mr. Ralph Royce of AirPros Airshow Consultants.  The term Air Boss comes from the U.S. Navy, where an “air boss” is the air officer in charge of operations on an aircraft carrier flight deck and in the air around it.  For Arctic Thunder Open House, he is the one who keeps the airplanes apart and the show together.  Ralph is also our returning Air Boss from Arctic Thunder Open House 2016.

Next we have our announcer who will give that distinctive voice to Arctic Thunder Open House 2018, Mr. Mike Berriochoa of Sounds of the Sky.  Keep your ears tuned for the sound of Mike’s voice as he will be calling out when our amazing performers will be taking to the sky in addition to other events on the ground.

Together, Ralph and Mike bring to life what is most certainly going to be an Arctic Thunder Open House to be remembered for years to come.

One special note of welcome goes out to the C-17 Demonstration Team who arrived this morning and as a reminder…..Please check our Admissions Information page and Entry Restrictions page for the latest details as you prepare to visit us for Arctic Thunder Open House 2018.